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Luna or bust!

What is the Moon Society?

The Moon Society is a community composed of individuals, organizations, and companies committed to the permanent settlement of the Moon and using Lunar resources to create a space civilization.

The Moon Society vision

We envision a hopeful and exciting future where multiple permanent civilian settlements on the Moon contribute to a robust cislunar economy by using local resources to improve the quality of life for all humanity on Earth and beyond.

The Moon Society mission

The Moon Society’s mission is to enable permanent Lunar settlement by creating a community based on mutually beneficial partnerships. This community will be inclusive of all things Lunar and include technology research, economic development, and public education.

How will the Moon Society accomplish its goals?

  • Create partnerships, or collaborate with like-minded organizations, to remove obstacles, identify opportunities, and share resources.
  • Promote public and entrepreneurial interest and involvement in the exploration, research, development, and settlement of the Moon.
  • Support the development of Lunar settlement technologies and techniques.
  • Be the leading voice for Lunar development and settlement.

Who can become a member of the Moon Society?

Anyone! Our members hail from many nations and from all walks of life. You don’t have to be a space professional to have amazing ideas or the drive to see projects succeed. Anyone can provide meaningful contributions. Whatever your interests, talents, experience, and expertise, you have a role to play and we welcome you to join our teams or help start a new one. For suggestions on how to help, contact us and tell us about yourself. Making permanent Lunar settlements a reality is going to take everyone working together.

I’m excited and want to get actively involved!

Great! The Moon Society has projects that need your enthusiasm and talents. We’re looking for people with amazing ideas, the drive to see projects succeed, and willingness to give their time and energy to make permanent Lunar settlement a reality.

Or you can join our community. There might be a Chapter in your area where you can meet and work with other people that share your passion. If there isn’t a Chapter, we can help you start and grow one. And you can always join us in our online workspace.

Whether you have a passion for space or are just curious, you CAN make a difference.

Are memberships and donations to the Moon Society tax-deductible?

Yes. The Moon Society is an active 501(c)(3) non-profit registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service and the State of Texas since the year 2000. We have earned a Bronze Seal of Transparency from Guidestar, a respected service that reviews & audits non-profits.

A brief history of the Moon Society

The Moon Society was formed at its Organizing Conference on July 22-23, 2000.  It was originally formed to become the membership organization for the Artemis Society, allowing the Artemis Society to concentrate on furtherance of the Artemis Project.  Since then the Moon Society has become the primary organization, working toward the goal of returning human beings to the Moon.  The Moon Society has advocated for commercial permanent lunar settlement in many ways. We have fostered the creation of several publications (most recently the Outbound Newsletter and the book publishing imprint Luna City Press), and participated in public outreach through conferences, chapter-led events, and online discussions.

A full history of the Moon Society is available in the Moon Society Primer, which was included as part of Peter Kokh’s book A Pioneer’s Guide to Living on the Moon that the Society published in 2018.

Moon Society Leadership

Since 2017-2018, the Moon Society has been led by an officer slate including Michael Mealling (founder of Masten Space Systems), James Burk (former Microsoft manager and IT Director of the Mars Society), Dana Carson (co-founder of the Lunar Resources Company and the Artemis Project back in the mid 1990s), and several other dedicated and active volunteers. In addition, the Moon Society is actively recruiting new volunteers and space advocates.

Moon Society Leadership

Board of Advisors

Moon Society documents

The documents that govern the Moon Society.

Moon Society Organizing Documents

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